A Few Good Friends
Send your favorite doggy pics in via the main office e-mail.

Lucy in her backyard peeking in and running around on the hedge.  Does that make her a Hedge"Dog".  Thanks to her owners Judy and Larry.

Daisy in her thug hat...as Ann and Mac would put it.  

Lori and Jim enjoy their high energy puppy.  You can see the quiet pup at 6 weeks then a bit older playing in the Dallas/Ft Worth Snow of 2008.

Sparky doing his form of sit.  Compliments of Joyce and Jerry.

Angus "Wee Man!" Having a snack and a little rest.  Compliments of Dorothy and Gary

One of our latest graduates Zoey and myself.  Compliments of Mary Lou and Tony.

Hello to Yager another happy graduate, all 100 plus lbs of happy puppy.  Grace, thank you for the picture.

Here are two more graduates (Skipper and Lucy) courtesy of Don and Neva.  They were tired after our last lesson.

Here is a new graduate.  Lizzy complements of Mike C.

Our newest graduate, Bailey and her family

Here we have our newest graduate. Rose and her family. Garrett, Richard and Toni